By far the most popular uploader on Windows is ShareX. It contains functionality for all types of uploads, allows image effects to be applied before they are uploaded as well as a number of other useful features.


To being using ShareX, you'll need to download the application from their website here.

Then, depending on which features you want to use, you'll need to download different configs from the upload preferences page. For uploading images, videos or other files, download the "Image Config" and for text uploads, download the "Pastes Config". Make sure to choose the "ShareX" option in the dropdown.

Once you have downloaded your configs, you can either click them in the downloads bar or double-click them in your File Explorer to open with ShareX. This should bring up a prompt asking if you'd like to use our configs as the default (we think you should choose yes!). If clicking on the file doesn't open it with ShareX correctly, instead try going into the ShareX app, Destinations > Custom Uploader Settings > Import > From File. Then you should be able to select the config and import it successfully.

To configure ShareX to upload screenshots automatically, you'll need to change your 'After Capture Tasks' and 'After Upload Tasks'. These following are the settings we recommend:

After Capture Tasks:

  • Copy image to clipboard
  • This is in case an upload fails - you'll still have the image on your clipboard to share
  • Upload image to host

After Upload Tasks:

  • Copy URL to clipboard

By default, the hotkey for a region capture is Ctrl + Print Screen. This will open an overlay allowing you to select what you want to capture.

All hotkeys can be customised by opening the ShareX application and heading to the Hotkey Settings section.

Common Issues

Images only copy to my clipboard, they don't get uploaded:

Check that your After Capture Tasks contains "Upload image to host", and that your default uploader is set to You can do this in the Destinations tab.

The image uploads fine, but the URL isn't copied to my clipboard:

Check your After Upload Tasks. For the URL to be copied once the upload succeeds, you need to have "Copy URL to Clipboard" enabled.