This section only applies to users who have an active subscription. Users on the free plan do not have access to mail.

The mail management page allows you to control your mail accounts, and perform common actions such as creating and deleting mail accounts, as well as resetting passwords.

Creating Mail Accounts

To create a mail account, simply type in the username and select a domain from the set of options. Choose a password and then press "Create". The number of mail accounts you can create will depend on your subscription plan.

Selling mail accounts is strictly prohibited, and if it is uncovered that this is being done, your account will be banned and a refund will not be issued for your subscription.

Please note, the list of domains available for mail accounts is far more limited than the overall list available for content sharing. This is because we only allow mail accounts to be created on domains which the company own. This ensures the safety of your mail, and prevents your account being unusable if a user decides to revoke a domain they have donated.

Creating Mail Aliases

Mail aliases allow you to redirect mail to another mail account, so you can consolidate your mail into one inbox. The creation process is similar to creating a mail account, however instead of picking a password you'll need to pick which account to forward mail to.

Deleting Mail Accounts

If you decide you no longer want a mail account, you can delete it on this page. Exercise caution when doing this, as any mail associated with this account will be deleted, and you'll no longer be able to send or receive mail to this address. Re-creating an account with the same username won't allow you to recover mail from before you deleted an account.

Resetting an account's password

If you forget the password for one of your mail accounts, you can reset it on this page. We recommend using a password manager to keep your passwords safe and prevent you losing/misplacing them.