macOS Monterey introduced the Shortcuts app to macOS. If you're using macOS Monterey or above, we recommend using the new shortcut. It allows for both existing files, or a live screenshot to be uploaded.

The uploader we recommend for older versions of macOS is MagicCap. It supports ShareX's .sxcu file format, so the process of getting setup should be relatively simple. You can download MagicCap here.

Shortcut (macOS Monterey and above)

First, download the "macOS Shortcut" from your upload preferences page. Once it's downloaded, open the file, and you'll be prompted to enter your upload key. You'll then be able to use the shortcut from the services menu, by running it from inside the Shortcuts app, or you can set a keyboard shortcut to activate it.

To add a keyboard shortcut, open the shortcut in the Shortcuts app, then press the settings button in the top-right of the window. From here you can press "Add Keyboard Shortcut", and select a key combination to trigger the shortcut.


First, download the "Image Config" from your upload preferences page. Choose the "ShareX" option in the dropdown. Keep note of where the file was downloaded to - you need the absolute file path to import the config into MagicCap. For this guide, we will assume that the file is in the Downloads folder, and your user account is called example.

The steps below will show you how to correctly set up MagicCap so you can use it with

  • Open MagicCap's Preferences window
  • Click on the 'Clipboard Action' tab
  • Choose the top option ("Copy the uploaded URL to the clipboard")
  • Click on the 'Uploader Settings' tab
  • Tick the 'Upload files once they are captured' option
  • Click the 'ShareX SXCU' option
  • Enter the path to your config file
    • If the file was in the Downloads folder, and your user account is called example you would need to specify /Users/example/Downloads/config.sxcu
  • Click the 'Set as Default Uploader' button

MagicCap should now be setup correctly to use You can now either head to the 'Hotkey Settings' tab and set up a key combination to easily take screenshots, or press the MagicCap logo in the top status bar and click 'Screen Capture'. You will receive a notification telling you whether the screenshot uploaded successfully or not.

If you experience issues setting MagicCap up correctly, feel free to open a ticket in our Discord Server.


MagicCap uses a specific syntax for creating hotkeys. You can view the syntax and examples here.

Common Issues

Only the desktop is visible when I try to screenshot:

Make sure that MagicCap has the correct permissions to capture your screen. You can do so by heading to System Preferences > Security And Privacy > Screen Recording. From here you can add MagicCap to the whitelist. You can find more info about this process here.

The SXCU file can't be opened during setup:

Please check the path you entered. This has to be the absolute path to the file. The easiest way to obtain this is by locating the config file within Finder, selecting it, then pressing Option + Command + C. This will copy the file path to your clipboard.