We have a selection of hundreds of domains for you to use with the service, and this is thanks to our community who have donated the majority of the domains which are available. Please note, although this means that there's always a wide variety of domains to use, it also means that the domain list is likely to change relatively often as users who have donated choose to add or remove domains.

Donating Domains

All users can donate domains if they choose to, and the process is designed to be as simple as possible:

  • Tell us what domain you're donating
  • Set the domain's nameservers to the ones we provide
  • After a short wait your domain will be added and ready to use!

This process is explained step by step as you donate a domain. If you'd like to contribute a domain, you can do so here.

Managing Domains

If you've donated a domain, you can manage it on the domain management page. Depending on your subscription plan, you'll have more flexibility here, however all users are able to remove a domain they have donated, and change the access level of the domain to a limited set of groups.

Before a domain can be selected on the site, it must first be approved by a staff member. This is to ensure that the domains which are donated are suitable, and can be categorised by maturity. Please be patient with this process, staff will approve domains when they have time to.

Removing a Domain

If you decide you'd like to remove a domain from the service, simply press the remove button and confirm the action.

Please remove the domain like this before changing your nameservers, it saves us a lot of hassle and allows us to automatically change other user's upload preferences over to reflect the removal.

Changing a domain's access group

By default, there are 2 different access groups available - All Users and Just Me. These allow you to control whether other users on the service will be able to use the domains that you donate, and this feature can be toggled for each domain individually at any time.

If you have purchased a subscription, you'll get access to custom access groups. This allows you to limit the usage of a domain to a specific set of people, for example if you'd like to have a domain for only your friend group. In the same way that you can change to All Users or Just Me, you'll also be able to select from your custom access groups. Make sure you give them memorable names, so you know who is in each of your groups!