There are two different types of content that can be uploaded to the service:

  • Files (Images, Videos, etc.)
  • Pastes (Text)

We support a variety of different applications to upload content, whether you are on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or Android. If we haven't got a guide here for an application you would like to use, chances are you'll be able to get it set up using the general API documentation, but we'll regularly update these pages to include new applications.

In addition to the supported platforms above, there is also the option to upload directly on the website. There is support for both file uploads and pastes. Both of these, as well as the URL shortener, can be found on the tools page.

File Uploading

On the on-site uploader page, you can either drag and drop a file, or click the box to open a file picker. Once you've selected a file, it will begin uploading to your gallery, just like if you were using a platform-specific application. Also, you can optionally choose a date and time for the file to expire on. Once this date is passed, the image will be deleted from your gallery. Make sure you definitely want this to happen - you won't be able to change this once the file has been uploaded.


The pastes tool page allows you to upload text content, with more flexibility than you can get with an application like ShareX. There are a variety of different options, such as syntax highlighting, password protected, exploding and publicity type. Note: some of these features are limited to users with an active subscription - you'll only be able to see the ones you have permissions to use.