This page contains options pertaining to keeping your account secure. Each section is explained below.

Your Password

This page allows you to change your password. You'll need to enter your current password, and then pick a new password. If you don't know your current password you can reset it here.

Two-Factor Authentication

We support time-based two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to your account. Any authenticator app which support TOTP codes should work, however the apps which have been verified as working are listed when you press the "Enable 2FA" button.

If you choose to add two-factor authentication to your account, you can press the "Enable 2FA" button which will take you through the process of setting it up. If you choose that you no longer want to protect your account with 2FA, you can disable it by pressing the button again and following the steps provided.

Trusted Browsers

When you log in to the site and enter a 2FA code, you'll have the option of trusting your device for 30 days. This will prevent you being prompted for a 2FA code on that device until the 30-day period has expired. If you decide you no longer want a certain device to be trusted, you can delete it from the list shown on this page.

Additional Security Features

There are a couple of extra options on this page to help you secure your account.

  • Upload IP Checking
    • Enabling this feature will block uploads using your upload key if the IP the request comes from hasn't been used to log into the site before. Note: as per our Privacy Policy, IPs are stored hashed.
  • Revoke Sessions
    • Using this feature will cause every other session for your account to be logged out within 15 minutes, aside from the one you initiate this feature from. This is particularly useful if you think someone has gained unauthorised access to your account, and you want to force them to be "kicked out".