Your gallery is where you can find all files that you've uploaded to the site. This page allows you to perform actions such as copying the link for a specific image or setting it as your showcase.


This section only applies to users with an active subscription. If you'd like to use this feature, consider subscribing.

Collections allow you to categorise images under a name, icon and colour of your choice. You can then share the entire collection if you wish, with a share link similar to those used for images.

To create a collection, fill out the name, description, colour and icon and press create. To add items to your collection, click the checkbox in the corner of items in your gallery, then choose "Move Items" from the "Actions" dropdown at the top of the page.

Collections are private by default. This allows access to the individual images if you send somebody the link, however they won't be able to view the collection as a whole. To share a collection, it will need to be public. You can either change this from inside the collection by pressing the publicity toggle, or by clicking "Share" on a collection and confirming you want the collection to be made public.

This lets you copy the share link for a specific image, based on your current upload preferences. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard when you press the button.


This download the file to your computer.

Set as Showcase

This will display the file of your choice on your user page for others to see. Please note, this is only allowed for images and videos, and if your profile is private then other users won't be able to see this showcase.


This will permanently delete the image from your gallery, and it will be deleted from our servers.