On the site, we have a theme gallery which can be used, and contributed to by members of the community. Currently, we support both ShareX image effects and app themes. If there are other applications in the future that support similar image effects, we will consider accommodating these as well.

Using Themes

Follow the steps below to select different themes for use within ShareX.

App Themes

First, download the app theme from the gallery. Then, open ShareX, head to Application Settings and go to the theme tab. Along the top of the window there is an "Import" option. Click the dropdown and choose "From File". You can then select the app theme you downloaded and activate it if you choose to.

Image Effects

To set up image effects, first download one from the gallery, and then click on it in your downloads bar or file explorer. This will open the effect with ShareX and ask you if you want to enable Image Effects. Pick the option you'd like, then head to the "After Capture Tasks" section of the menu.

First, just clicking on the "Add image effects" option will enable the feature, but you will still need to select which theme you'd like to use. Hovering over the menu will open a list of image effects, which you can select your desired effect from.

Creating Themes

In order to create themes which work for everyone, we've provided a guide below to help you create them:

To begin creating a theme, you'll need to open the editor. You can do this by clicking Task Settings > Image > Effects > Image effects configuration.

Here you can create your new theme. There's a number of different effects you can apply, play around and design something new!

If you'd like to include external images within your theme, please follow the steps below. If you do this incorrectly, the images may not be packaged correctly, and anyone who downloads your theme won't be able to use it as intended:

  • Place the images you'd like to use in the following location:
    • C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\ShareX\ImageEffects\YOURTHEMENAME
    • Make sure to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURTHEMENAME with the correct values.
  • To use these images within the effect, select the 'Image' tool, and make sure to specify the path like this:
    • %ShareXImageEffects%\YOURTHEMENAME\image.png
    • As above, make sure to replace YOURTHEMENAME with the correct value. The %ShareXImageEffects% will automatically link to the correct directory.

Once you have finished creating your theme, you'll need to package it, so it can be uploaded to the site. Click the theme you would like to package, and click the 'Packager' button in the bottom left of the window. This will open a popup for you to complete the process.

If you have included images in your effect, and have followed the steps above, then make sure to leave the 'Assets folder path' value exactly as it is. The images will not be packaged correctly otherwise!

Finally, choose where you'd like the output file to be saved to and click 'Package'. You're now ready to upload your new effect to the site by following the steps below.

Submitting Themes

If you have an image effect or app theme which you'd like to share, you can do so here. The page will prompt you to upload the necessary files, simply follow along to submit your theme! Note: when you submit a theme, it will first be reviewed by a staff member. This is to ensure that duplicates aren't accepted, and that the theme is suitable and functional.