We've created a shortcut for iOS devices to enable you to upload from your iPhone or iPad. Do to this, choose the "iOS Shortcut" option from the images config dropdown, and choose to add the shortcut when prompted.

In order for the shortcut to be used, you will need to make sure you have "Untrusted Shortcuts" enabled in your device's settings. When you import the shortcut, you will be prompted for your upload key. Copy this from your upload preferences on the site and paste it into the box. Once you've done this, you should be able to press share on an image in your gallery and scroll to the bottom of the share sheet and see an "Upload to" option. If you don't see this, it may be because you haven't use untrusted shortcuts before. Try restarting your phone and then check if the option is visible.

You'll be able to use the shortcut anywhere that you can press the "Share" icon on an image, video, or other file. This includes in your camera roll, photos app and when you take a screenshot.

Once a file uploads successfully, you'll be offered the options of either opening the file in your browser, or copying the URL to your clipboard.