There are a number of settings which you can use to customise how you appear to other users on the service, as well as how the service is set out for you. The profile page lets you customise these.

Your Identity

The first thing on this settings page is the ability to change how your profile is displayed to other users on the site. You're able to change your profile avatar, username and description.

To change your avatar, click or tap on your avatar at the top of the page. This will open a file picker for you to select a new image. We accept PNG, JPEG and GIF file formats. Please note, GIFs with transparency may not appear correctly once uploaded, please choose an alternative image.

To change your username, you can click into the box and update it to what you'd like your new username to be. Usernames have to be unique, and if you pick a name which isn't available you'll be notified of this. Additionally, you can only change your username every 7 days, so choose wisely.

Finally, you can change the description which displays on your profile. Unlike your username, this can be changed at any time, and will display on your profile page, as well as the embed which appears if you share your profile link to people on other platforms such as Discord.

Important Note

The content you choose to use as your avatar, your username and your description must follow our rules. Any content which isn't acceptable will be removed by a staff member, and your account may be banned.

Profile Settings

There are a number of useful options here to customise your experience.

  • Private Profile
    • This will prevent other users from being able to view your profile page. Instead, it will simply show that you have chosen to hide your profile from view.
  • Anonymous Upload Pages
    • Normally, each time you upload it will show your username and a link to your profile below the upload. Enabling this feature will prevent this happening, so people you share the content with won't be able to see who has uploaded the file.
  • Discord Notifications
    • If this feature is enabled, each time you get a notification on the site, you will also receive a Discord message from our bot. This is particularly useful if you likely won't check the site very often, but still want important information conveyed to you.
  • Show Mature Domains
    • There are a number of domains on the service which some users may find offensive, or just want to keep hidden from view. If this feature is enabled, it will show these domains, and allow you to select them for use.


You can also choose what language the site is in on this page. Select a language from the dropdown and press "Save".

Different languages are implemented by our community, so if you don't see your language supported, feel free to help translate it. Also, if you believe there is a mistake in any translations you can make a merge request to correct it in our translations repository.

Time Settings

Similar to the language options, you can choose what time zone and time format will be used across the site, and in your upload preferences. First, select a country and then the time zone which matches yours, then press "Save".

The time zone used here is also used in the placeholders available within your embed settings. You can find more info about your upload preferences and the placeholders available here.