Image Wipes

The new image wiping system is currently in beta. You may experience issues or bugs while we continue to improve and refine the system.

The image wiping system allows you to create a full or partial wipe of your images.

You can start an image wipe from either your gallery or from the Image Wipes section image management page.

When you start an image wipe, essentially a "snapshot" of your current images is taken. This means that only images that were on your account at the creation of the wipe will be removed, not any you upload afterwards. The exception to this is any image which you have favourited - these will survive through wipes, and you'll need to either remove them from your favourites or manually delete them if you don't want to store them anymore.

The new image wiping system typically processes 250-500 uploads per second, whereas the old system would typically process around 600 per minute.

You can only have one image wipe in progress at once, but there is no cooldown between one being completed and another being started.

When there aren't any image wipes in progress your image wipe will be in the queued state while the image wiping service prepares. This typically takes 1-2 minutes, but could be longer in some circumstances.

Automatic Image Wipes

To help you manage your used storage space and keep within your quota, you can use the automatic image wiping feature to automatically create image wipes once certain conditions are met.

There are 3 types of automatic image wiping modes.

  • Interval
  • Storage Used
  • File Age


An image wipe will be created at a regular interval. You can choose from a several intervals ranging from every 15 minutes to every 3 months.

Storage Used

An image wipe will be created once your storage used reaches a certain point. This can either be a percentage from 1% to 99%, or a value in KB, MB or GB.

File Age

A partial image wipe will be created that includes any non-favourited upload that is older than the set value, in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

File age is are checked every 30 minutes, so in the worst case scenario, your image wipe will be created 30 minutes after the maximum file age you have set.

Image Management Page

On this page, you can view a list of past, in-progress and upcoming image wipes. Image wipes that are in-progress will display its current progress in real time.

If you have automatic image wipes enabled, an image wipe with the status of upcoming will be displayed at the end of the list, stating when the image wipe will be created. The upcoming image wipe will not be displayed if you have automatic image wiping set to "File Age" mode.

Known Issues

  • Currently, you will not receive notifications when an image wipe completes or fails. This is due to a limitation with one of our internal systems and once necessary updates have been applied to these systems, notifications will be sent as intended.